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In our coven, we support and uplift our fellow witches. We sell women- and genderqueer-owned brands and support 3 feminist NGOs.

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Anka Krystyniak is the eponymous jewellery brand by Anka Krystyniak. The jewellery is created and designed by Anka, and handmade in Warsaw, Poland.

 Anka Krystyniak’s work is filled with mystery, beauty, empowerment and magic and many of her jewels have specific properties: health, wealth, protection, success, harmony, and more.

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Welcome to Daughters of Witches, your place for witchy products.


We support feminist NGOs and we support female-identifying and non-binary entrepreneurs by selling women- and genderqueer-owned brands.


We are a community of witches who support, help and uplift each other, which is also known as “coven”.