Anka Krystyniak

Anka Krystyniak is the eponymous jewellery brand by Anka Krystyniak. The jewellery is created and designed by Anka, and handmade in Warsaw, Poland.

 Each piece is meticulously thought of, and symbolism is at the heart of the brand. Anka often uses symbols of the female energy, such as the moon, and as well as gemstones, believing in their power. Anka is fascinated by numerology and symbolism, and both have a significant impact on her work. She also loves the craftsmanship, which is why each jewellery is handmade.

 Anka Krystyniak’s work is filled with mystery, beauty, empowerment and magic and many of her jewels have specific properties: health, wealth, protection, success, harmony, and more.

The products from Anka Krystyniak ship only to Europe (Turkey, Russia, Israel included), Canada and the USA.

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