Faye Orlove

Faye is an independent artist, animator, and activist living in Los Angeles. She’s collaborated with some of the most influential figures, companies and media in the USA: Teen Vogue, The Fader, NY Times, Google, Brie Larson, and more.
She also runs a nonprofit art and education space called Junior High in Los Angeles. This space aims to amplify marginalized voices in the arts through art exhibits, a weekly podcast, a quarterly publication, live music, film screenings, educational outreach, and much more, serving as a place where young artists of diverse backgrounds and identities can connect with a creative community that serves them.
We’re very proud to be collaborating with this activist who’s using her platform to support a radically inclusive vision of feminism.

The products from Faye Orlove ship only to Europe (Turkey, Russia, Israel included), Canada and the USA.


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