Little Woman Goods

Little Woman Goods is a woman-owned and women-oriented business selling stickers, magnets and jewellery designed by Los Angeles based artist Rosaline Zhang.

The illustrations fall at the intersection of tongue-in-cheek, pretty, cute and subversive, and celebrate the diversity and beauty of womanhood. 

The products from Little Woman Goods ship only to Europe (Turkey, Russia, Israel included).

Feminist witch sticker

Feminist witch sticker

Regular price €8,00

Feminist witch glossy coated vinyl sticker by Little Woman Goods. Special design featuring glittery night background, moon and stars, and an adorable feminist witch. The sticker measures 7.11 x 7.11 cm. 

Scratchproof, weatherproof, and dishwasher safe.

These political stickers can be used as:

  • Laptop stickers
  • Planner stickers
  • Bumper stickers for cars
  • Cellphone stickers
  • Water bottle stickers
  • Badass feminist gifts

The sticker will be shipped without a tracking number. 

Picture and text © Little Woman Goods

Nasty Woman Fridge Magnet

Nasty Woman Fridge Magnet

Regular price €13,00

This is a feminist fridge magnet featuring the phrase "Nasty Woman" by Little Woman Goods. The magnet is 5.7 cm large.

Perfect as:

  • Fridge magnets
  •  Gifts for friends!
  • Bridesmaid or bachelorette gifts

Picture and text © Little Woman Goods