Moons and Junes

Moons and Junes is a Copenhagen-based intimates brand devoted to providing an everyday luxury for women. Moons and Junes' products aren't just designed to look good; they're catered for your body and your needs. Their intimates are constructed to accentuate your curves, so when you put on one of their pieces, you will feel that Moons and Junes adapts to your body - it's not meant to work the other way around!

The pieces in their collections are the result of thorough attention to detail and carefully selected high-quality materials. Their materials feel soft against your skin, and they're producing soft bras - without hard cups and underwire - that still provide support! All the their products are produced and quality-checked at one of Europe's leading tricotage factories, located in Turkey.

Currently, most of Moons and Junes' styles come in four sizes, but each is developed in different proportion - just like the bodies they're meant for. They know not everyone fits four sizes, but know that they're working on developing additional sizes.

Their devotion to embracing diversity isn’t just talk. Their products aren’t just catered for diverse types of women; they’re advertised on them too. The women featured in their campaigns, lookbook and social media posts might each wear the same products, but each has a unique look. They do not photoshop their models.

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