Volunto is a project about feminist liberation, fun, freedom and female empowerment.  Celia came up with the idea a while ago, and she is now working with Emilia. This feminist duo makes handmade ceramic jewelry in Andalusia, and also uses jewelry to explore feminist photography. Volunto is a project of freedom, through which Celia and Emilia share their perspective as feminist women. 

The jewelry Celia and Emilia create in Andalusia is unique, hand-molded and full of beautiful imperfections offered by ceramics. They work with an ancient technique, and there is therefore little difference between the ceramics we see in museums and their own ceramics jewelry. Volunto's ceramic jewelry is made cooked clay and each jewel is molded by hand.

If you wear Volunto jewellery, wear it with pride, and shout "ole mi coño!" ("ole my pussy!")


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