Daughters of Witches is a coven for women who want to support each other. 

Before you roll your eyes and go “oh just another feminist e-shop”, let us stop you. Yes, we are an e-shop, yes we are feminist, and yes there are many of them right now. But (and this is a big but), we want to be more than that. We chose witches for a reason: these women helped other women and were breaking gender boundaries. So this e-shop is actually a platform that offers us the tools to create a coven of women who help, support and uplift each other. How do we do that you may ask?


First of all, we support European Feminist NGOs:  Women Refugee Route, Federacja na rzecz Kobiet i Planowania Rodziny and the Jahjaga Foundation 
Secondly, we sell women-owned and women-oriented brands, like Little Woman Goods currently, but also very soon Blingistan and more. We want to offer women a platform where they can use their purchasing power to help other women.
Watch out, because witches are back and they mean business.



When witchery was still a crime in Europe and Northern America, the image of the witch was used to oppress women. These women were often healers, wise persons, who were using their knowledge to help others. But thanks to pop culture, witchery is becoming more popular, and we now have the opportunity to reclaim these labels to construct a new rhetoric. We do not want witches to be seen as dangerous villains anymore, but as powerful women who use their skills to help others, women who build covens to support each other.

We are all Daughters of Witches.

Pick up your wands and join the Witchhood: magic is back, and it’s ready to say bye to patriarchy.




    Natacha is the Social Media Witch.
    She is professional at procrastinating and spends way too much time on social media.


    Marta is the Designer Witch.
    The mother of 2 girls, Marta has a weird passion for renting DVDs.


    Dawid is the Finances Witch Apprentice.
    He hopes to finish his PhD one day.