Daughters of Witches is a coven for witches who want to support each other.

    There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. But as long as capitalism exists, we can try to make our consumption as ethical as possible - and this is what we’re trying to help you achieve. We can use our purchasing power to support the erosion of capitalism and create a fairer economy. 

    We sell small women- and queer-owned brands. We are very selective in the brands we chose, and we make sure that:

    1. We like the products! Obviously.

    2. The brands only produce small quantities/ or made to order (to avoid over-production and waste!)

    3. The brands we work with are small (we believe that the future of the feminist and sustainable economy lies in part in the development of more small independent businesses)

    4. There is no one definition (yet) as to what exactly a “sustainable” company is. For some, it’s producing good quality products that last; for others, it’s making made to order products or producing only small quantities; for others, it’s working only with sustainable materials. We consider all these definitions of sustainability to be valid. And all the brands we sell, for one reason or another, are sustainable. 

    5. We do more than “just” sell products from small businesses. We also do our best to help them flourish. We do a lot of marketing and promotional work, we help some to develop and produce products, create new partnerships for them, and way more!

    In July 2021, Daughters of Witches opened the Creative Coven. The Creative Coven provides visual and production services to companies. You can learn more about it here.

    Now, how does Daughters of Witches support women and the LGBTQIA+ community you might ask?


    - First, we sell and support women- and queer-owned brands

    - Second, we work with women and queer photographers for our projects. With our social media, we also support women and LGBTQIA+ artists and activists.

    Tell us about you, your business, your project.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

    If you are a woman or a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and you would want us to support your business or work with us please get in touch with us on dowteam@daughtersofwitches.com


    Why Witches?

    When witchery was still a crime in Europe and Northern America, the image of the witch was used to oppress marginalised individuals. Witches were often healers, wise persons, leaders of riots and protests, who were using their knowledge to help others. They also were individuals that were seen as a threat to the patriarchal, heterosexual, cis normative, and imperialist system.

    But we now have the opportunity to reclaim these labels.

    Witches are women and non-binary individuals who use their skills to help others, and build covens to support each other.

    Our Co-Founders

    Marta (she/her) and Natacha (she/her) started Daughters of Witches in 2018. Marta is the head of design and creation, while Natacha handles our social media and partnerships.