Little Woman Goods

Little Woman Goods is a woman-owned and women-oriented business. This feminist gift shop sells stickers, magnets and jewellery designed by Los Angeles based artist Rosaline Zhang. The illustrations fall at the intersection of tongue-in-cheek, pretty, cute and subversive, and celebrate the diversity and beauty of womanhood. Rosaline’s artwork is an exploration of the female experience.

Rosaline graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2014 with a BFA in Painting. In her last year of college, she wrote her senior thesis on the desexualization of the female form. After graduating,  she turned that into real merchandise, and thus Little Woman Goods was born. She considers that there is a tradition in visual arts of the nude female figure being designed for the consumption of men, which is why she started doing images that reclaimed the female figure for the “consumption” of women. She uses Little Woman Goods to normalize female bodies, ideas about feminism, body positivity, reproductive rights and women’s rights and empower girls and women to feel unashamed in those beliefs. 

You can shop her products here


Kimothy Joy

An activist committed to the empowerment of women and girls, Kimothy is a Denver-based artist who creates illustrations made with joy to spark social change. She partners with people and organizations on social-awareness campaigns to inspire thought and action.
She has collaborated with the Women's March on Washington, I AM THAT GIRL, Gucci, Melinda Gates, author Jessica Bennett, and poets Nikita Gill and Cleo Wade. Her illustrations have also been featured in Glamour, Teen Vogue, O, Oprah Magazine, Refinery29, Washington Post and Huffington Post.
Specializing in watercolor and ink drawings, she often paints portraits of heroines of the past and present and seeks to offer a sincere and hopeful message of empowerment for women and girls. She primarily focuses on working with individuals and companies who strive to make the world a better, more equitable, place for all.
In 2018, Kimothy published her book That’s What She Said. That’s What She Said is a beautiful book, where Joy has gathered her stunning illustrations and quotes and paired them with surprising, illuminating biographies of her subjects to inspire women of all ages, races, and backgrounds. That’s What She Said honors a powerful and diverse group of over fifty women—from Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, and Virginia Woolf to Sojourner Truth, Malala Yousafzai, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg—role models whose words and insights remind us that we must never give up the fight for a more just and equitable society.
Reclaiming the derogatory cultural barb "that’s what she said," this stunning book celebrates strong female leadership throughout history and empowers current and future generations to find their voices and inspire change in their communities.
You can shop her products here



Blingistan was founded by Shamayel Shalizi. Shamayel is a queer multimedia artist who grew up between the U.S.A, Russia & Afghanistan. Her Afghan parents were refugees who fled to the U.S.A after the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. Starting out painting & sculpting, Shamayel has progressed to create more conceptual & diverse pieces - and founding & designing the jewellery line Blingistan. She is a nomad but will always call Kabul & Los Angeles her homes.

Her jewellery taste has, was and always will be big, gold hoops, sexy chokers and hands laden with rings. She wanted to create a line of unique jewellery, that was fun, kind of kitschy, expressed pride and respect in one’s heritage(s), whatever it may be, but also stay true to the essence of the $1 hoochie hoops she grew up wearing.

Shamayel considers that there is little jewellery for marginalized peoples and very little that is cute, affordable and won't tarnish. She never could find jewellery she could identify with, or that expressed who she was. She wanted sass, badassery, she wanted heritage, she wanted pride, she wanted chic yet fun, statement pieces and everyday jewellery, playful, sexy, conversation starters. So she just started making it. And this is how Blingistan was born.

Blingistan is jewellery that is affordable, well-made, gold-plated and can be worn by anyone and everyone. Blingistan is for the rebellious, the freaks, the descendants of immigrants, the PoC's, the politically-conscious, the ones who want to express ourselves through what we wear.

The production of Blingistan used to be in Afghanistan, but it has now moved to Los Angeles, California, because of the uncertainty that comes with running a small business out of a third world country.

My Mad Fat Zine

My Mad Fat Zine bring down the patriarchy and heteronormativity with their political artwork.  

My Mad Fat Zine is a queer feminist artist and activist based in Paris. Through their work, they're willing to empower gender minorities and to bring feminist issues to light. Their goal is to promote an inclusive and intersectional feminism... and to smash patriarchy the way it should. Their greatest inspirations are Sasha Velour, Jamie Windust and Audre Lorde.

 My Mad Fat Zine (aka Flo) is the editor-in-chief of a French feminist newsletter for teenagers named Les Petites Glo. They're also community manager for Les Glorieuses - a kickass feminist newsletter - and a journalist. Flo have

been advocating for issues such as body positivity and raising awareness about mental health and eating disorders for the last 3 years. Now, they want to use their art to change the world, one collage after the other.

Flo created My Mad Fat Zine to have their own platform to normalise queerness, body positivity and to empower women and queer folks to express themselves and stay mad.

Lundi au Soleil

Lundi au Soleil (translation: Monday in the Sun)  was created by Vanessa Lellouche, a French artistic director and illustrator.

Vanessa was always passionate about art, having studied at EPSAA, an art school, and working for 7 years in design. After the birth of her daughters, she decided to start her own business and created a brand where she could use her art to spark joy and happiness, and this is how Lundi au Soleil was born.  

Lundi au Soleil is all about holidays, which Vanessa considers is the embodiment of happiness and excitement. She designs everything herself, and all the products are handmade ethically and in small quantities by artisans in France. With Lundi au Soleil, Vanessa wants to create fashion that is ethical, sustainable, made in good material, affordable with a touch of fun and impertinence.

 Painting and sculpture are her hobbies, and she's successful at them: she is exhibiting soon one her work in the Grand Palais in Paris.


The Young Empress

We might be in the post #WhoRunTheWorld era, but as many Witches know, to call yourself a feminist can raise many eyebrows.

Setana Abdelwahab, the woman behind The Young Empress, was tired of the disapproval she felt around her for calling herself a feminist. She is not a stylist or designer; The Young Empress is her side gig, born out of her need to make a statement about her feminist beliefs and raise awareness. And this is how the idea of her “Feminist” crop sweatshirt was born - and of creating “The Young Empress”. 

The Young Empress is for all the feminists in progress, those who want to display their beliefs in gender equality.

All the products from The Young Empress are made in Poland; Setana is just starting out, and more are coming soon.


Jnapleg was created by Roxane Damidot, a French feminist illustrator. Roxane graduated from a master’s degree as artistic director at a famous Parisian school. One day, she decided to draw her own bag. A unique bag made for her, with drawings of all the things that she loves and represents her. Very quickly, all her friends asked her for those same personalized bags. And this is how two years ago, Roxane decided to build her own brand, Jnapleg. She draws all her creations by hand and prints all the products she's selling on her platform in a Parisian workshop in the 14th arrondissement. Roxane draws inspiration from comics, illustrations and other forms of arts. She loves telling her own stories in comics on her Instagram account: @roxanedamidot

Faye Orlove

Faye is an independent artist, animator, and activist living in Los Angeles. She’s collaborated with some of the most influential figures, companies and media in the USA: Teen Vogue, The Fader, NY Times, Google, Brie Larson, and more.
She also runs a nonprofit art and education space called Junior High in Los Angeles. This space aims to amplify marginalized voices in the arts through art exhibits, a weekly podcast, a quarterly publication, live music, film screenings, educational outreach, and much more, serving as a place where young artists of diverse backgrounds and identities can connect with a creative community that serves them.
We’re very proud to be collaborating with this activist who’s using her platform to support a radically inclusive vision of feminism.