Little Woman Goods

Little Woman Goods is a woman-owned and women-oriented business. This feminist gift shop sells stickers, magnets and jewellery designed by Los Angeles based artist Rosaline Zhang. The illustrations fall at the intersection of tongue-in-cheek, pretty, cute and subversive, and celebrate the diversity and beauty of womanhood. Rosaline’s artwork is an exploration of the female experience.

Rosaline graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2014 with a BFA in Painting. In her last year of college, she wrote her senior thesis on the desexualization of the female form. After graduating,  she turned that into real merchandise, and thus Little Woman Goods was born. She considers that there is a tradition in visual arts of the nude female figure being designed for the consumption of men, which is why she started doing images that reclaimed the female figure for the “consumption” of women. She uses Little Woman Goods to normalize female bodies, ideas about feminism, body positivity, reproductive rights and women’s rights and empower girls and women to feel unashamed in those beliefs. 

You can shop her products here