Daughters of Witches is a store by Witches for Witches.

--- What does it mean? ---

We want to offer to our customers the best feminist products there are out there while supporting women-owned businesses and help them grow.  All the brands that are available on our store have been very carefully selected.

First of all, they’re all owned & run by women. Secondly, each in their own way fight to create a better world for all, which is the core of what Daughters of Witches does.

We have fallen in love with these women and their brands, and we hope you will too.

Let’s bring down the patriarchy together, supporting one woman entrepreneur at a time!

If you identify as a woman and you would want us to support your business please get in touch with us at dowteam@daughtersofwitches.comTell us about you, your business, and most of all your fight for a better world. We can’t wait to hear from you!