NGOs We Support

We support 2 organizations that fight for women’s rights. 

Women Refugee Route: Women Refugee Route (WRR)’s mission is to start a positive cycle in which refugee women are considered not as simple recipients of services and support, but as actors of change for themselves and their communities.

WRR's projects aim at empowering refugee women to raise their own voice on the matters that concern them and to support them to use their potential to the fullest with a view to generate creativity and change. Taking into account their mobility, WRR trains refugee women on advocacy and empowerment and provides them with tools they can use anywhere to find employment and integrate into their host countries. WRR’s ultimate goal is to empower refugee women to become self-advocates and raise their voices to respond to the decisions which directly concern and impact them. In 2018, WRR’s founder and director Mina Jaf has been named one of the most influential European activists under 30 by Forbes Magazine. In 2017, Mina Jaf was awarded the Women of Europe Award 2017 in the category “Women in Youth Activism”. You can follow them on Facebook & Twitter (@WRRoute) and Instagram (@womenrefugeeroute) 


By buying our poster of President Atifete Jahjaga, you support the Jahjaga Foundation.

The overall mission of the Jahjaga Foundation is to support the democratic development of Kosovo and the Balkans in a transparent and sustainable manner.

The Foundation strongly supports the development of projects at the community level in four fundamental areas in need (a) the roles and participation of women in all areas of domestic and civic life; (b) the plight of youth; (c) the problems clustered around domestic and international security; (d) the tasks involved in promoting reconciliation for a peace-driven future in the region. Some of the current projects of Jahjaga Foundation include:

    - Economic Empowerment of Women Survivors of Conflict-related Sexual Violence
    - Combating the stigma against the survivors of sexual violence during the Kosovo war; and
    - The Role of Media in Promoting Participation of Women in Governance
    You can follow the Jahjaga Foundation on Twitter ( @JahjagaFdn) and Facebook (@JahjagaFoundation)