The Creative Coven

The Creative Coven by Daughters of Witches provides visual and production services to companies.

Founded in 2018 by Marta Szmyd and Natacha Bastiat-Jarosz, the Daughters of Witches team has experience in creative strategy, branding, project management, and production. Our creative work is driven by feminism and inclusivity.

Why work with us?

We are tired of pink-, good- and greenwashing.

“Authentic” and “social values” are not just buzzwords for us. We have always stood against the marketization of feminism and intersectional and LGBTQIA+ values. We understand that an authentic commitment to the feminist and LGBTQIA+ communities means being proactive in dismantling structures that have continuously excluded and marginalized them. In short, we believe that whatever we communicate needs to be consistent with our business practices.

Our offer:

Building on our experience as an ethical, feminist, and intersectional company, we offer to bring these values to any project we will work on together.

We have a broad range of offers for small, medium, and large businesses, zines, authors, signers, NGOs, and more. 

  • Creative branding
  • Photoproduction
  • Design of promotional material
  • Production of promotional material
  • Creative design of magazines/booklets/flyers/books/postcards/ and any other print goods
  • Print of magazines/booklet /flyers/books/postcards/ and any other print goods
  • Branding and visual identity for events
  • Visual identity for a social media campaign
  • Website visual identity

We are open to discussing new projects with you - get it touch with us at

Our projects: