F*ck the Censorship Hoodie
F*ck the Censorship Hoodie
F*ck the Censorship Hoodie
F*ck the Censorship Hoodie

F*ck the Censorship Hoodie

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Salty said it best - The Patriarchy is in the Algorithms. 

Many feminist and LGBTQ+ platforms are being silenced and censored on social media. We were tired to see our communities being attacked by algorithms and consider this a serious issue, so we made this "F*ck the Censorship" hoodie with LA based artist Faye Orlove. We want to raise awareness on this issue, seing how influential social media are in our society. 

You can read a lot of great articles on this topic, and one of our favorite ones is the one by Salty. Here's a little excerpt: "The white, cis, heteronormative patriarchy is in the algorithms. Our digital world has been created for and by cis, straight, white men. When they write the algorithms, they embed all their prejudices, biases, and assumptions into the programs, and now we’re all living in the digital world they created for themselves. As the algorithms change and learn from the behaviour of their users, the patriarchy festers inside them, reinforcing and amplifying the sexist, racist status quo, click by click."


Production certificates

- Hooded sweatshirt
- Unisex style
- Fleecy inside
- Kangaroo pocket
- Regular fit
- 50% cotton, 50% polyester

This hoodie is unisex. Kenia wears M.

Pictures © Natacha Bastiat-Jarosz

Model: Kenia Raphaël