Pokka Jacket - Midnight Blue

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With its 7 pockets, perfect fit, and timeless cut, the Pokka Jacket was created to conquer the world…hands in your pockets!

Pocket anatomy 

- Two zipped bib pockets on the side, for a powerful build and enough room to store even books, without compromising on aesthetics.
- Two piped side pockets, to wander quietly with your hands in the pockets
- An envelope pocket on the back of the arm, discreet and elegant
- Two interior pockets, one designed for the largest iPhone, closed with a zip, and a second for your wallet, closed with a hook and loop.
- And a bonus pen pocket is integrated into the inside pocket. 

Material and durability

Perfect for mid-season, the Pokka jacket is made from wool (68%) and polyamide (32%). A 100% recycled fabric, produced in Italy from scraps of recovered fabric and clothing. In addition to being very soft, very resistant, and luminous, the fabric consumes 87% less water and 74% less CO2 than a classic woolen fabric.

The zips are made from recycled polyester, produced in Italy, and the bio-resin buttons are handcrafted in the Jura mountain range.

Size guide

Size XS
Bust: 100.6cm; Waist Size: 104.6cm; Sleeve length: 63cm; Wrist circumference: 11.75cm; Length: 65.75cm

Size S
Bust: 104.6cm; Waist Size: 108.6cm; Sleeve length: 63.3cm; Wrist circumference: 12.25cm; Length: 66.3cm

Size M
Bust: 108.6cm; Waist Size: 112.6cm; Sleeve length: 63.6cm; Wrist circumference: 12.75cm; Length: 66.85cm

Size L
Bust: 112.6cm; Waist: 116.6cm; Sleeve length: 64cm; Wrist circumference: 13.25cm; Length: 67.4cm

XL size
Bust: 116.6cm; Waist Size: 120.6cm; Sleeve length: 64.3cm; Wrist circumference: 13.75cm; Length: 67.95cm

XXL size
Bust: 120.6cm; Waist Size: 124.6cm; Sleeve length: 64.6cm; Wrist circumference: 14.25cm; Length: 68.3cm


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