Trouble Sweatshirt
Trouble Sweatshirt
Trouble Sweatshirt

Trouble Sweatshirt

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"Double, Bubble, 

War and Rubble

When you mess

With Witches

You'll be in Trouble"

This spell is inspired by a W.I.T.C.H. protest chant which was: “Double, Bubble, War, and Rubble When you mess With Women You’ll be in Trouble”. According to the NYTimes Gender, in 1968 "a group of protesters calling themselves W.I.T.C.H. staged a Halloween "hex" on Wall Street. Dressed in black, with long peaked hats, the women sneaked through the narrow streets of downtown Manhattan late into the night, making their way to the entrance to the New York Stock Exchange, where they oozed glue into the latches of its doors. The next morning, the male bankers couldn't get in - and the Dow reportedly fell 13 points."

The painting in the background is “Witches going to their Sabbath” (1878) by Luis Ricardo Falero.

Do you wonder what is behind the price of the sweatshirt? You can check it out on our transparent pricing page. 

The sweatshirt was made from organic cotton, with environmentally-conscious production methods, and in fair working conditions by Neutral. Here are the certificates that prove it (we’re showing them because we’re very proud of this!)

- 100% organic fairtrade cotton 
- Wash at 30°
- Crew neck and raglan sleeves 
- fleece wool brushed inside

This sweatshirt is unisex and has rather large sizes. The cut is quite large at the arms and long on the chest, and we would strongly recommend that women choose one size below their usual one. 


Pictures © Natacha Bastiat-Jarosz and Karolina Jackowska

Models: Olga-Zoë Bastiat / wearing S, Apolonia Domanska/ wearing S, Miriam Michalska/ wearing M

Also featured on the pictures: the Crescent Moon earrings by Anka Krystyniak, the Maria necklace by Volunto, and the jeans are by the French sustainable brand Patine.